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    What to do to find a planning application that interests you

1. Go to the Liverpool City Council web site (www.liverpool.gov.uk),

2. Look up Environment, then Planning

3. Open the Weekly Lists of Planning Applications to see what is important for you. Those received over the past 2-3 months are shown.

4. Note the number of the planning application.

5. Then open Planning Explorer and Go to Planning Explorer.

6. When the template appears, type in the planning application number in the space provided

7. Click “search”

8. The details of the application will appear – you can read the description

9. At the bottom, if you click ”constraints”, this will show all the policies which affect the site (very useful)

10. If you click “neighbours”, this will show the addresses of all those who have been notified about the application (quite useful)

11. If you click “consultations”, this will show who has been consulted in particular because their opinion is needed (quite useful).

The details will include the date of the decision if it has been made. The case officer and their telephone no. is shown.

If there is something that you think is important that needs to be made clear to the case officer, please telephone, write or e-mail.

John Alcock 233 5682



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